Spanish Classes For Kids

in Golden, Colorado

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4 Year Olds & Up
Mon, Thurs  4:15 - 5 pm

Give Your Child These Proven Benefits
From Learning A Second Language:

  • Better at Reading & Writing
  • Better Language Skills
  • Better Listening Skills
  • Better at Problem Solving
  • Better Memory

January 9 - March 13

Wednesday 4:15 - 5pm

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10 Classes

4:15 - 5pm
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      Classes are held at 805 14th Street, Golden, CO 80401, which is above the Higher Grounds Coffee Shop in downtown Golden, at the corner of 14th Street & Washington.

      Use the back entrance, by walking around to the rear parking lot.

      Please do not use the back parking lot for drop-offs or parking. Leave yourself time to find parking (free for 2 hours) on surrounding streets or lots.


      Purchase your classes with the buttons above.

      All class payments are non-refundable (unless the class is already sold out).

      Missed classes can be made up on another day, in the same month, only if you make arrangements before the missed class.


      You are welcome to relax in the waiting room or the coffee shop downstairs while class is in session.

      If you chose to leave the premises please make sure you are back before the end of class to greet your child.

      Parents are not allowed in class. You're welcome to watch through the waiting room windows and of course enter the class anytime to take your out of class if need be.

      Nancy Varamo

      Your Child's Spanish Teacher

      Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nancy has a special gift for teaching kids.

      She incorporates songs, movement, projects and joy into her well planned classes that will leave your child or children speaking Spanish effortlessly, just because it's fun.

      She's taught Spanish to kids at a top-notch language school, in public schools, and in Waldorf schools in the Denver area, and now offers her expertise and caring passion to your family right here in downtown Golden, Colorado.

      Contact Me:       nancy  (at)  nancyvaramo . com